This is the security cabinet for guns designed especially for hunters

As we have seen, a gun security cabinet is the safest way to store hunting rifles. However, as is the case with padlocks and locks, there are many models of gun cabinets, with very different prices and features. In most cases, they are generic models, which are more or less suitable for all uses. However, the Viro “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet is specifically designed to meet the needs of hunters.

security cabinet Viro

What can the “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet do for hunters?

Apart from, obviously, keeping guns in the utmost safety, the “Diario di caccia” cabinet offers numerous advanced features designed to meet the needs of those who use guns for hunting.

Control panel of the Viro “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet.

Control panel of the Viro “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet.

The functions are all easily accessible by using the multifunction keypad positioned on the door and fitted with a backlit display; let’s see them:

  • Possibility of recording (and updating) the number of birds/animals shot for every species that can be hunted in Italy and comparison with the previous year’s figures to keep track of the results. This is the exclusive “Diaro di caccia” (that is, Hunting Diary) function which also gives its name to the cabinet.
  • Possibility of entering the number of rifles and pistols contained and their relative ammunition in order to monitor the consumption and immediately detect any missing items.
  • 2 pre-set reminders, in which you only need to enter the date, to remember the scheduled date for cleaning guns and renewing hunting licenses.
  • 4 fully customisable reminders, used, for example, to remember the beginning of the hunting season in various regions.
  • Monitoring of internal temperature and humidity, with the possibility of setting up an audio alarm, in order to prevent oxidation of the guns.
Some of the advanced features of the control panel of the Viro “Diario di caccia" gun cabinet.

Some of the advanced features of the control panel of the Viro “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet.

The attention paid to the needs of hunters can be seen in many other details, such as:

  • Butt-support and barrel-support made of high density scratch-proof polyethylene in order not to damage the guns (with an increased thickness which guarantees the perfect positioning of single or double-barreled rifles, even equipped with sights).
  • Digital weather station to have weather forecasts in real time and be able to choose in advance the best hunting clothing.
    digital weather station
  • The cabinet is fitted with an ammunition safety box and a holder for objects protected by a further dedicated lock.
    ammunition safety box
  • The low power consumption with common AA batteries allow you to perform up to 20,000 operations with the same set of batteries. The cabinet also provides monitoring of the remaining battery life and alerts you when they are running low, so that they can be changed in time. If the batteries were to run out, you can still open the cabinet with the special emergency key.
  • On request, the cabinet can be provided with a wood-effect finish which transforms it into an elegant piece of furniture.

Audit trail of the last 50 operations performed

The sophisticated electronic management system of the “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet also provides the audit trail of the last 50 operations performed. In this way, it is possible to know at any time who opened the cabinet and when, how many and which attempts were made to open the cabinet using incorrect codes, if and when a security lock was activated and whether the cabinet was opened with the key emergency.


In order for the guns to be merely an enjoyable pastime and not become a danger, they must be prevented from falling into the hands of criminals or individuals who are unable to handle them safely, especially children. The Viro “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet allows this necessity to be transformed into an opportunity since, in addition to maximum security, it offers many advanced features designed specifically for the needs, tranquillity and enjoyment of hunters.

Look at the technical characteristics of the “Diario di caccia” gun cabinet

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