One-piece padlocks: what are they and when are they needed?

Whoever follows us already knows: for each use there is a specific padlock.
When we are asked, and it often happens, “what is the most advanced and strongest padlock?”, we do not hesitate to reply “one-piece padlocks”, like the Viro Monolith one-piece padlocks, Thor and Totem.

One-piece padlocks

There are many features which means that one-piece padlocks are high-security locking systems and the first feature which distinguishes them is that of having the entire body made of special steel, since it is case-hardened, tempered and treated with the special “Niploy” nickel plating process.

The Viro Monolit is a good example of a one-piece steel padlock.

The mechanical strength is thereby maximized, since the steel undergoing these treatments becomes very resistant to cutting, drilling or breaking.  And the special nickel plating treatment contributes to making these padlocks more resistant to corrosion than all the normal padlocks. There are in fact many aggressive atmospheric factors (such as high humidity, acidity and salinity in the air) which can ruin a lock, up to the point of rendering it no longer unusable. The fact that a padlock is corrosion-proof is a fundamental requirement for considering it to be a high-security locking system which can be used outdoors.
The internal cylinder, which is fully protected by the body, is, on the other hand, made of brass, for maximum reliability, since its components (plug and pins) must continue to function over time, unifying friction on the keys, which are also made of nickel-plated brass.
Additionally, depending on the needs, the cylinder can also be replaced (if, for example, a key is lost) with a simple operation.

Finally, the lock-bolt, which has a larger diameter than other padlocks (13 mm), is more resistant to cutting and the cylinder protection plate is rotating drill-resistant, ensuring active drilling resistance, as seen in this video:

For these reasons, one-piece padlocks are the most secure, but also the most expensive.

One-piece padlocks for chains

One-piece chain locks (like Thor, Eurothor and Totem) are widely used by motorcycle enthusiasts; in fact they are the most trusted allies for protecting motorcycles and scooters.
They are often used (and preferred!) instead of disc locks for motorcycles, as they allow the two wheels to be attached to racks, poles and fences, thus preventing their theft.

The internal components (springs, pins, counter pins and lock-bolt latches) in all the Viro one-piece padlocks are made of stainless steel, instead of the brass or phosphor bronze normally used, and they are therefore resistant to humidity, a feature which, together with the anti-corrosion treatment for the body, makes Thor and Totem padlocks particularly weather-resistant and therefore also suitable as an anti-theft device for motorcycles and scooter parked outdoors, in combination with the relative chain.

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