Evaluate the locking mechanism of a lock to be fitted: SECURITY TIPS (2/5)

Evaluate the locking mechanism of a lock to be fitted: SECURITY TIPS (2/5)

The aim of the “Security Tips” series is to reveal some of the “trade secrets” to be able to identify a good quality security product quickly and without having to disassemble it.

We answer the most common questions about padlocks, locks, safes and other security devices, aiming to offer the possibility of an informed choice. 

In this second episode we talk about the locks to be fitted and the reliability of the locking mechanism.

TIP #2 – LOCK TO BE FITTED: closing mechanism

The locks to be fitted are widely used for securing wooden or metal doors, both internal and external.

Since the mechanism of a lock is not visible from the outside, in the presence of a partially blocked striker, simply turning the key from the outside may not complete the closing of the deadbolt. 

The video shows a closing test with two different locks:

In fact, when the striker is partially obstructed inside, perhaps maliciously by a burglar who, unseen, with the door open, has inserted a small magnet in the slot of the striker into which the deadbolt should enter, the latter finds resistance when moving forward and, depending on the precision with which the locking mechanism was made, the lock behaves differently:

  • a lock designed in a precise way does not allow the key to be turned (it will not be possible to perform the “throw”), thereby revealing that the deadbolt has not been activated and thus requires an intervention.
  • on the other hand, a lock with an imprecise mechanism allows the key to be turned whilst not letting the deadbolt come out (in practice, the mechanism will skip the “throw”). In this case, one will naively believe that the lock has been activated, even though this is not so.

The latter scenario can be dangerous. In fact, thinking that the door has been correctly secured, and moving away from the door, which is in fact unprotected except by the latch (which can be circumvented with a simple door-opening plate, as it is sprung), leaves easy access to a potential thief or burglar. 

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