With today’s post, we want to shed light on ebike 2020 models available on the market.

Pedal-assisted bikes are now very common on the market. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between electric bikes and e-bikes and the regulations concerning their use to avoid fines.

Let’s take a look to the various models available on the market:


Let’s start with the a classic. The City e-bike (also known as “eCity”) is perfect to ride on paved roads. You can use it to run errands, cover short-medium distances or go for a relaxing ride on a sunny weekend.

The pros of a e-city bike: 

– ease of use

– comfortable upright saddle

– price (more affordable compared to other models)

These bicycles have a resistant frame and are usually equipped with all the accessories required to ride on busy roads, meaning a bell, front and back light, fender and, sometimes, even a basket.


This pedal-assisted bicycle is mainly used in an urban context and provides a large range of pros. Unlike City e-bikes and other types of pedelecs, the folding e-Bike can be easily transported. This way, you can go to a certain place with your car and continue with your bike from there.

Let’s see all the pros:

– weight (usually lighter than a City e-bike)

– transportability

– price (more affordable compared to other e-bike models)

Since the wheel radius is smaller than other bikes, the ratio between pedalling and metres covered is smaller. A detail to remember if you’re thinking to use your folding e-bike to cover long distances or if you want to save energy.


These bikes are suitable for cycle tourism, which requires endurance, reliability and versatility to face unpredictable routes. Generally, they’re equipped with a luggage rack to carry duffel bags, sleeping bags, camping tents with no particular problems.

This type of bike stands out for its:

– versatility  

– saddle (suitable for long riding hours)

– resistance

You can use this e-bike both for trekking and to ride around the city.


e-MTBs are becoming more and more popular among cyclists who love off-road routes immersed in nature. They give their best on the toughest trails and uphill. It’s perfect for sports use. This category has numerous models.

And pros:

– high-performance

off-road trails

– models for any type of needs and sports


This type of e-bike has a more specific use. That’s why it’s less common. It’s a racing bike designed to make the cyclist feel at one with the road. This bike is not suitable for off-road routes but it stands out for its lightness because the weight of the battery and motor is minimised.

This category includes Gravel e-bikes, known for their lightness and Sport e-bikes with a flat handlebar, more suitable for urban use.
Lightness is definetely its pro.


These bikes are suitable for transporting heavy cargos. Where? In the trailer placed between the front wheel and handlebar. The distance between the wheel and handlebar may not be easy to handle on your first ride. But it won’t take long before you get used to it.

E-cargos you can easily carry heavy objects and your children too.

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