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The advantages of e-bikes

Every 2-wheeled vehicle obviously possesses particular characteristics which make it more or less suitable for the needs of the user. However, let’s see what real advantages could be derived from purchasing a pedal-assisted bike.

1) Eco-sustainability

E-BIKE and eco-sustainability

Firstly, there is the eco-sustainability. We could have guessed it: e-bikes are in fact, after traditional bicycles, the “greenest” means of transport. This should mean (providing the issues regarding procurement, transformation and disposal of the battery components are correctly dealt with) a greater respect for the environment, which should result in cleaner air in towns and fewer respiratory problems. Compared with traditional bicycles, e-bikes allow a greater speed and less effort.

2) Reduction of fuel costs

E-BIKE and low fuel costs

Unlike mopeds and cars, e-bikes (but also electric bikes) do not require a fuel supply, since they are powered by electricity supplied by a rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery. Are you concerned about the battery charging cost? The maximum cost for 500 charges seems to be around 50 euros. Not bad! 

3) Reduction of maintenance costs 

E-BIKE and low maintenance costs

E-bikes require extremely little maintenance. If you take care to protect it from bad weather and, especially, safe from potential bicycle thieves with adequate anti-theft devices, it’s well worth the effort. At the moment there’s no tax, MOT or insurance required. 

4) Avoid traffic jams and road works

E-BIKE and no traffic jams

With pedal-assisted bikes, just like normal bicycles, but with less effort, it will be possible to avoid traffic jams and tailbacks which form during rush-hours near road works; just as you’ve probably always wanted.

5) Access to low emission zones

E-BIKE and acces low emission zones

Some zones in many towns prohibit entrance by motorised vehicles. However, pedelecs, which are classed as velocipedes, have an electric motor with a limit of 25 km/h and, for this reason, can access zones that cars and mopeds cannot! 

6) No more waiting for public transport

E-BIKE and public transport

Just like any other private vehicle, pedal-assisted bikes avoid having to wait for public transport, as well as starting from point A and arriving at point B without the annoying intermediate stops. It may be said that this “green” mode of transport is especially suitable if the daily routine includes short journeys for which a car would almost seem to be almost a hindrance but it would take too long to walk.

7) Physical exercise…but assisted!

E-BIKE and physical exercise

Here is one of the greatest advantages, which no other mode of transport can provide: all the benefits of the cardiovascular activity outdoors of a traditional bicycle in combination with the convenience of assisted pedalling for longer or more difficult journeys. Obviously, fitter users can deactivate the assisted pedalling at any time and use it just like a normal bicycle, thereby enjoying a more intense physical activity since, with the same dimensions, the weight of an e-bike is usually greater than that of a traditional bicycle.


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  1. Henry Killingsworth

    I like how you mentioned that electric bikes allow for greater speed and less effort. I want to do a bike tour this summer. It seems like using an electric bike will help me avoid getting too exhausted during the tour.


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