Bite-sized security: all the best ways to protect a shutter

Anyone who owns a business knows well: the shutter is the first protective barrier, beyond which there are often very valuable items. For this reason it is essential that it is as resistant as possible to the various attack attempts.
Let us briefly look at what precautions we can take to make sure that the shutter of our shop, warehouse or garage is strong enough.

    1. The techniques used by thieves to force a shutter are generally of two types: acting on the lock of the shutter, to neutralise it and thus be able to act undisturbed, or cutting or breaking through the shutter. Choose a resistant shutter, provide it with a good quality lock and install everything to perfection; these are the steps necessary to ensure effective protection against various types of attack.
    2. As we always say, the overall security depends on the security of the weakest link in the chain, which in many shutters is the lock. For this reason it is best to install an armoured lock, which has more resistant deadbolts than those which are normally first installed on locks, with a structure and cylinder protected against brute force attacks,such as the 8271 lock, which is secure against pulling and drilling. Its body is reinforced and fitted with a galvanized steel plate, and the deadbolts have greater thickness of 7 mm.Of course, the strength of the lock must correspond to that of the shutter, so security locks are the ideal complement to good quality shutters.
    3. A roller shutter can be locked not only with a central lock or two side locks but also in other ways: for example, with a padlock for shutters or with a fastening unit.
      Opting for this solution is a valid alternative, compared with the lock originally installed, which is often of poor quality.
      However, we must remember that in a padlock which is not fixed in a suitable manner (i.e. with fixing rings not specifically designed for the installation of that particular padlock) leaves too much space for the insertion of burglary tools. In order to avoid this risk, our advice is to definitely choose a good quality padlock (such as armoured Viro Panzer or the monobloc Monolith), but above all to ensure that it is securely anchored to the ground and to the shutter, through specific fixing rings and floor-mounted dome.
      A valid alternative to the padlocks is represented by the fastening units for shutters such as, for example, the Nuovo Condor, which has a thick armour to protect the interchangeable cylinder and makes it especially difficult to use burglary tools.

And also…

  1. A further security product which can be used in shutters is the Viro Universal Locking Bar which, mounted on an element of the shutter, acts as effective reinforcement.  The Universal Locking Bar has the advantage of improving both the resistance of the lock (thanks to the external security escutcheon), and the mechanical seal of the shutter against pulling and breaking through. From the point of view of the opening system, the Locking Bar is very versatile, as it offers the possibility to work with any double or half European cylinder.

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