A safe to suit you? Set it up it with Viro!

In the previous blog we saw how the trend in today’s world is increasingly towards product customisation and how the security sector is changing to allow customers to express their own personal taste and request a product which is not only functional and strong, but also aesthetically pleasing and customised.
Viro not only offers the opportunity to customise the products purchased in terms of appearance, but even allows you to create made-to-measure safes or security cabinets.

Making an ad hoc product presents a great opportunity for those who, for example, have special space requirements, need the door to open in the opposite direction to the standard direction, i.e. from right to left, or want more storage shelves. There is also the possibility of adding internal lighting, as well as choosing the colour you prefer for both the case and the door.
Customisation is also possible for specific uses: such as slots for introducing envelopes and / or cash without the need to open the safe, or versions built into the floor, or even models suitable for hotel purposes.


The Viro safes and safety cabinet configurator is very easy to use; one only needs to follow the Wizard (starting from this link) which consists of 4 phases, where the main features of the safe are initially selected: mechanical or electronic, wall installation or fixed with plugs.
At a later stage you can choose to provide the specific measurements of the product you want, or alternatively just the space available, within which to locate the safe. In this case, the Viro configurator proposes the largest safe which can be installed in the space indicated.

After also selecting the colour preferences, case and door thicknesses and any optional extras,you can simply request a quote from your nearest distributor and receive the customised product within just 5 weeks from placing the order.

Even though nowadays there are manysecurity systems to protect our homes, we all share the same concern for the safekeeping of our belongings, whether they have a personal or economic value. For this reason it is advisable to keep jewellery, money, confidential documents etc. inside a safe or a security cabinet, to “double-protect” them.
Viro offers the opportunity to create the tailor-made product to suit everybody’s needs, try for yourself!

To create your safe, contact Viro
You can see the range of Viro safes and security cabinets here

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