2 wheels and anti-theft devices: how do you choose the right one for you?

Armoured cables, twisted cables, disc locks, electronic alarms … there are many options on the market to protect our trusted 2-wheeled friend and it is not easy to decide which is best suited for you.
In a previous blog we presented a brief guide on which anti-theft device is the most appropriate for a particular use (for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters).

Additional advice we can offer today is to consult the information regarding the level of security which Viro attaches to each of its products, after undergoing specific tests in its own laboratory.

The following table provides a classification of the resistance levels (symbols used on all Viro anti-theft packs of the 2Ruote range), to which reference may be made prior to purchase, to evaluate the characteristics of the product in question, in relation to the vehicle to be protected and the environment in which it will be kept, so as to understand which is best for us.

Viro security classification

In the next blog we will give some practical examples of evaluating a product for each category.

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