The anatomy of a padlock

A good quality padlock is a small, high precision machine which, despite its small size, consists of many different components. Here we can see the different parts that make up a traditional rectangular Viro padlock (click the image for a larger view):

how_a_padlock_is_madeBesides the rectangular padlock there are also padlocks for chains and for roller shutters, which instead of a shackle use one or more rods:

A Viro padlock for chain A Viro padlock for roller shutterBut there are in fact many different types of padlocks: marine, armoured, monoblock, etc. We have already seen how to recognise a good quality padlock in general terms, in future blogs we will study in detail the characteristics of the various types.
Watch how Viro padlocks are made
You can see the catalogue of Viro padlocks here.

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  1. Ilmu Komunikasi

    Are there any additional security features or design elements commonly found in modern padlocks?


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