Security for your two-wheeled vehicles: Viro product classification (Part 2)

Whether it’s a motorcycle, a moped or a bicycle, when we decide to protect our 2-wheeled vehicles we are not always able to adequately compare the security items we have in front of us. In fact, every security product of the “2Ruote” range has its own characteristics which make it more or less suitable for our vehicle. If you have already read our article Saving on security, is it really worth it?”, where we talk about the right proportion between the value of the item to be protected and the value of the security item used to do so, and also the first part of the classification Security for your two-wheeled vehicles: Viro product classification (Part 1), then you are ready for this second part.
Let’s underline again that the data below are the result of various tests carried out at our laboratory in the Viro S.p.A. factory, an ISO 9001 certified company and a research laboratory which has been recognized and authorised since 1996 by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research.

The last two groups of the Viro “2Ruote” range are listed below in increasing order of resistance:

Group 4, Excellent level:

They are designed for securing mopeds and motorcycles in risky urban environments; they have been designed and manufactured to make any attempted theft a long and difficult operation. This group includes several of our products, such as the practical and resistant U-lock with a squared section and the robust armoured twisted cable Serpis plus.

The disc locks include: the robust and compact Hammer and Armadillo, the Shark with an innovative design and the reliable Viro Echo fitted with alarm.

Finally, there are the padlocks with chain, such as the Morso, the Supermorso and the Bloccacatena with 8 mm semi-squared chain.

Group 5, Maximum level:

This is the ideal solution for storing all 2-wheeled vehicles; these products have been designed and manufactured with construction materials with the highest degree of resistance. Worthy of note, in this group we find: the Totem with chain, the Bloccacatena with 10 mm semi-squared chain and the Eurothor with hexagonal chain which are able to guarantee maximum resistance even when securing large mopeds and motorcycles.

Known for their strength, however, we find the White Shark disc lock, with an innovative one-piece design and the New Hardened, which stand out from those named in group 4 because they are made of hardened and chromed steel. Lastly, there is the sophisticated Viro Sonar disc lock with alarm equipped with motion and vibration sensors.

With this last group, we close our “2Ruote” product classification and in a future blog we will discuss about how to read and compare the characteristics indicated on the packaging of products belonging to this category.

Anyone interested in studying the subject further can do so by reading the article “5 features that a chain should have, to protect your motorbike or bicycle”.

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