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Security for your two-wheeled vehicles: Viro product classification (Part 1)

Choosing a security product to protect our two-wheeled vehicle, i.e. a chain, a disc lock or an alarm, may not always be as easy as it seems. In fact, every security product of the 2Ruote Viro family offers a more or less high level of protection and adapts differently to the needs of the vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, a moped or a bicycle. Therefore, before making the purchase, after answering the fundamental question “What do I intend to protect?”, which we talked about in the article Saving on security, is it really worth it?”, what we need to pay attention to, apart from the costs, are the characteristics of the security product. Continue reading

Saving on security, is it really worth it?

Items such as chains to protect a bicycle, safes to keep family jewels secure or locks to protect entrances to a house are objects which are found on the market in many types and with very different prices. Often, depending on the availability, a compromise is sought between costs and benefits: whilst it is true that such purchases are often generated by a desire for greater security, it is equally true that it is not always easy to identify the correct price for the degree of protection that is expected and therefore, sometimes, the items purchased to protect our assets do not actually satisfy the requirements.This is how, even unintentionally, you run the risk of incurring in situations not really desired: Continue reading