Bologna, the city of Towers, Tortellini and … bicycles

This week we are dedicating an article to bicycles and to the home city of Viro, because Bologna, thanks to the large number of students at its ancient university, is not only the city of motorised two-wheelers, but also for those driven by pedals.

“The journeys seated in a saddle in the city of the Two Towers draw a dense interconnected map, where the entire road network is criss-crossed by cycle tracks and main roads: Bologna is a city made-to-measure for urban cyclists, as confirmed by the 119,337 km pedalled by the population of Bologna during May as tracked by GPS for European Cycling Challenge.”


Whether you were born there, have moved there, or are on holiday, you know it well: a bicycle is the perfect ally in Bologna for moving around the centre, reaching the suburbs, and travelling just outside the city. There is Dynamo la Velostazione, also known as “the home of the urban cyclists”, which acts as a true bicycle parking area.  A large number of hire services can be used, such as BikeinBO. There are often events like the “bicycle auction”, where whoever needs a bike does not need to “offer the highest price”, but merely show one’s interest and obtain it by dressing up or attracting attention in the most bizarre ways.

Photo: Flickr// Davide Mosezon (bicycle auction).

Photo: Flickr// Davide Mosezon (bicycle auction).

There are many events and promotions dedicated to our beloved bicycles. We would like to share a few which concern security.
In fact, a problem which affects many people in Bologna and, it must be said, practically everywhere, is the theft of bicycles. For this reason, many projects have been set up in the city, which have been taken to heart especially by local associations, which concern both the safeguarding of one’s own bicycle and also help in tracing it if it has been stolen.

“It happens very often in the city and now, thanks to a survey by Altra Babele, the figures have confirmed this scourge: after interviewing people in Bologna by means of 1,300 questionnaires it has emerged that 50% have suffered at least one theft; in 80% of the cases it happened in a public place and in 57% of the cases during the daytime.”


There are already various services, including the low cost marking of bicycles, Facebook groups, on which it is possible to post a photo of the stolen bicycle, set up a chat and, if you are lucky, trace the bike.

We are also trying to contribute to the security of our trusted bikes with a few tips that you can read here: (look after your bikes!).

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