3 tips for protecting your beach bag

The long-awaited summer has finally come, bringing with it the sun, warmth and … the desire to go to the seaside. What else is there to do but pack your bags and get on your way? But first, don’t forget to read our tips!

There are those who love the mountains and some who prefer to visit historical cities, but the charm of the sea and the beach enchants many people and leads them to choose seaside destinations.
To enjoy your vacations without any concerns, once you have made sure you have secured your home and have secured the suitcase for the journey, there is nothing left but to follow these 3 little tips to avoid incurring unpleasant “beach thefts“.

  1. Keep your bag closed
    Overcome by the euphoria of diving into the sea or taking part in a game of beach volleyball, you may forget to close your bag.

    beach bag
    It’s important, however, not just to make sure you close it, but if possible to cover it with a beach towel or hang it under the beach umbrella and secure it using an extensible cable lock.

    As we often point out, even a combination padlock designed for suitcases, handbags and the like, although it does not provide 100% protection, is a good deterrent to discourage a thief who, under the eyes of everyone, would probably not have enough time to unlock it.

  2. Take it with you when you move away
    Who doesn’t fancy an ice cream, an ice-lolly or a cool drink after hours under the sun?
    If you head off to the cafe, it is advisable to carry with you all your valuable items, not just wallets and purses. The “ice cream break” could last longer than expected and leaving the bag unattended for a long time with items such as a camera, mobile phone and maybe even jewellery is not advisable at all.beach bagIf you cannot take your bag with you, especially if you all decide to go for a swim together, you should leave it in a position where you can keep an eye on it even from the sea.
  3. Travel lightly and do not carry valuables
    What’s better than completely switching off whilst on vacation and enjoying the time with your friends and family? Why not leave your mobile phone safely in the hotel room, along with other valuables, such as jewellery or watches, important documents and credit cards?

Carry with you the absolute bare essentials, as well as allowing you to enjoy the pleasurable moments without any distractions, it can give you an unusual feeling of lightness – isn’t it true that we say that you go on holiday to “pull out the plug”?!
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